Early Bird Breakfast Club… where you don’t have to be early for the worm

This is a place where you never eat like a pauper. You’re either a king or a queen. What with both portions and price pushing you out of modest gastronomy.

I first learned about the Early Bird Breakfast Club from watching a local TV show. Featured was their “Yin and Yang” champorado, which surface resembles the Chinese symbol of complementary opposite forces for how the milk was poured over the dark brown Filipino chocolate porridge. My first actual encounter with this restaurant was some two years ago when a superior took me there for breakfast. And the second time was with a friend last month.

When you read the name of the restaurant, it obviously gives you an idea of what they offer. It conjures images of eggs, bacon, ham, sausages, toast, pancakes…and the list continues. And it does deliver. They have a great selection of breakfast options: a mix of Filipino favorites (like tapa, daing na bangus, longanisa) and American and English staples (beans, toast, sausages). They’ve managed to elevate breakfast meals into an all-day cardiac delight — an answered prayer for those who wake up late or simply have the erratic appetite for breakfast that breaks the concept of time.

The place is cozy. It has a subdued feel to it. The light hues of blue and green on the wall don’t shout out “Wake up!” The place is a bit small though, but can very well seat some 20 or so on the ground floor. It helps that it has high windows and ceiling, giving that illusion of more space.I’ve not been to its second floor, so I couldn’t describe what’s there — for sure it has chairs and tables.

Early Bird Full English @ P495

My first meal here was their Early Bird Full English. It was a good respite from the breakfast buffet in the hotel but one which aftertaste and afterthought induced more guilt. Apart from the toast, which may have been cooked in lard (I could be wrong), and the beans, which I couldn’t decipher if were made fresh or were fresh from an imported can, everything else was a good incentive for an early-riser giant bird. It was after all classified under “Breakfast of Champions”.

Vival Longganisa @ P345

Second time I was there, I had their Viva Longganisa. My friend, Jean, had Sunny Salpicao. I was impressed with how my dish was arranged on the plate. The rice was placed in a whisky glass (I think that’s what it was), making the experience more…interesting. That was one of the instances when I realized the value of “visual appeal”. While at the back of my mind I knew how much that meal would have cost if I had made it myself, the plating weighed on the scales of justice in its favor. I found the longganisa just too sweet though. And it seriously was a bit of a challenge to fork the fried rice out of that glass.

Sunny salpicao @ P325

If you’re planning on eating here, it would be good to go over their menu — just like what I did, twice. Here’s their website: http://www.earlybirdbreakfastclub.com/ For more photos and reviews, Zomato.com is handy: https://www.zomato.com/manila/early-bird-breakfast-club-bonifacio-global-city-taguig-city

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