Equity and diversity tax

Diversity tax is arguably that which drives people from historically underrepresented or marginalised groups to constantly give more than what the job may expect of everyone. This operates within a psychological framing where what they do may never be good enough or match that of what those belonging from privileged groups put in. 

Creating a sense of belonging

As organisations harness the potential of a salad bowl of demographic profiles (diversity), they need to create safe spaces and provide enabling mechanisms for people to confidently celebrate who they are and be affirmed of their value in the organisation (inclusion).

I’m brown. And that is fine.

This skin colour stereotyping permeated geography. The farther away one lived from the capital, Manila, the “browner” the attributes assigned to that person got. Expect then to be at the farthest end of the brown spectrum when Google Maps fails to show the coordinates of your location.

Always be thankful, always be kind

I always believe that we need to say “thank you” to the people who need it more at a time when they expect it least. Grateful for the opportunity to deliver virtually the graduation message to primary students at my alma mater in the Philippines, Silliman University. When you are a person who is thankful,…

When You Gotta Bark

When an opportunity presents itself and you can afford it, get a dog. Having one somehow provides depth to life, especially when you’re a married couple. It brings the relationship to a different level and tests out not only how you could eventually become parents but more your propensity to keep a family of different personalities, needs and temperaments together. Dogs may be pets, but once you have them, your concept evolves to embracing them as a source of what we all aim for: quality of life.

The Shoes on Fung Yuen Road

“Mama, why are those shoes up there?” Bob asked his mom. “Maybe some kid who’s too lazy to go to school threw them up there in protest,” his mom, Elizabeth, answered. There would not be a day when the pair of shoes loosely decked on top of the roof of the waiting shed along Fung…