Hotel review: State Plaza Hotel in Washington, DC

I stayed here for 7 days in October 2014 for the WB-IMF Annual Meetings at the World Bank Headquarters. The exterior and the lobby of this hotel appear quite unassuming. You are given a feel that it is more a business hotel where people would hardly stay long in the lobby for they would be off to a meeting or to explore the US capital.State Plaza Bed

Check-in was a breeze. Customary to hotels abroad, I was asked for my passport and a deposit. I noticed that the lady who was attending to me was a Filipino, but she didn’t make any hint that she was one, even if obviously my passport pointed to my nationality. It was enough for me that she was warm and professional in handling my concern.

State Plaza Kitchen State Plaza Bathroom State Plaza Vanity

The room where I stayed at in this hotel was typical to units for long-staying guests. It can comfortably fit a family of four on two queen-size beds. For those wanting to be in control of their diets, you can go organic with your grocery shopping and whip up your own meal in the comforts of your own well-equipped kitchen inside your room. There’s a stove, a microwave, a fridge, cooking wares, plates, glasses and cutlery. I was told there’s also a laundry area somewhere in the hotel. The bathroom, which has a tub, was a bit small though, considering that the toilet area is not separated from it. The vanity area, which is in another section of the room, could compensate for the lack of space in the toilet and bath.

State Plaza Breakfast

Breakfast came with my hotel rate. Free breakfast came only with around four options — easy to memorize for your next dining the next day. But the meal was complete — it had the works plus fruits and coffee. The dining area is a bit small, so it pays to be an early riser

Another thing that makes this hotel ideal for travelers is its location to the National Mall, which is roughly 15-20 minutes away by foot (there are bikes for rent near the hotel which you pay by credit card). The World Bank and the IMF buildings were also a good daily exercise of some four or five blocks from the hotel’s alternative entrance/exit to the GWU campus. The Metro (GWU station) is also around the same distance from the hotel, making it very convenient to move around DC. With the hotel located within the same area as the GWU campus, you can easily find good places to eat out and hang out with friends over coffee and some cocktails. Also, right outside the hotel, to its right from the main entrance, is CVS — which is always good news to those who can’t predict when they’d go hungry in the day.

Concierge and night desk were also very helpful. I asked if I could have a friend sleep over as we needed to travel to New York the next day on his car. Without any fuss, they facilitated it. They simply asked for the name and assured me that he’d be allowed access to my room with a separate key.

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